Currently, Diageo own over 200 brands that are sold in more than 180 countries – this is no mean feat, considering the company was only formed in 1997 by Anthony Greener. Inspired by the likes of Arthur Guinness and Alexander Walker, the entrepreneurs of the past who have paved the way for the drinks industry of today, Diageo are determined to continue to keep making an impact. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the past few years have been a roaring success for the company. Since 2019, Diageo has invested in their manufacturing in Mexico, began working on carbon neutral distilleries, and have opened the highly successful Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Edinburgh. Diageo show no sign of hitting the breaks anytime soon, either – the company has big goals they intend to meet by 2030. Some of these goals include making all of their packaging widely recyclable or reusable, improve gender disparity in leadership roles, and become net zero carbon in all of their direct operations. This ever-growing global titan has a number of big-name brands under its belt. We’re here today to talk you through some of our absolute favourites that we stock here at The Whisky Shop!

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is the best-selling Scotch whisky in the world. Over 200 years old, Johnnie Walker’s story started in the town of Kilmarnock in a grocery store. Who could’ve predicted the total global domination the blended dram would go on to have? The brand is synonymous with its “Keep Walking” slogan. Positive, uplifting, and totally representative of Diageo, the marketing for this iconic brand is one for the history books! Keen to find out more? Learn all about the history of the Johnnie Walker brand here. You can shop our range of Johnnie Walker whiskies here today.


One of the most popular gins in the world, Tanqueray is real shining star in the spirits world. Founded by Charles Tanqueray all the way back in the 1830s, the creative spirit of Tanqueray shines through in each of their expressions today. Classy yet innovative, this gin brand is a truly impressive feature in Diageo’s vast portfolio. You can shop our full range of Tanqueray gins here today.


Lagavulin is one of Islay’s most iconic whiskies. Bold, dramatic, and smoky, Lagavulin epitomises everything that is so wonderful about the drams that hail from this island. One of Islay’s oldest, the distillery has been producing whiskies that pack a powerfully peaty punch for over 200 years (though there was illicit distilling on the site for years before drams were being legally produced!). In terms of Scottish single malts, it really doesn’t get much better than this. You can shop our full range of Lagavulin whiskies here today.


Ciroc is one of the most luxurious vodka brands in the world. Rich, smooth, and sumptuous, Ciroc is known globally for its exceptional quality and playful, creative spirits. The brand’s Master Distiller Jean-Sebastien Robicquet comes from a long line of wine makers. Using the skills passed down through his family for generations, Jean-Sebastien carved out his own path and thus, Ciroc was born. Made from the best French grapes and five-times distilled, Ciroc celebrates the finer things in life. Versatile and creative, you can find an expression for every taste and occasion. You can shop our selection of Ciroc vodkas here today.

Bulleit Bourbon

Hailing from Kentucky, Bulleit is a truly exceptional bourbon distillery. The high-rye recipe used by the company sets their produce apart from other bourbons on the market. The distillery was founded by Thomas E. Bulleit Jr. in 1987. Buillet set out with the ambition of reviving a long-lost family recipe – his great-great-grandfather, Augustus Bulleit, made a particularly unique and distinctive bourbon. However, Augustus mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and the recipe vanished along with him. Thomas achieved his goal of reviving Augustus’ recipe and in turn created on of the most well-known and beloved bourbon brands in the world. We’ll cheers to that! You can shop our range of Bulleit Bourbon here today.


Founded by George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman, Casamigos is the product of true friendship. The trio set out to make a deliciously smooth tequila that can be enjoyed straight – and that they did. Toni Morrison once encouraged authors to write the book that they want to read, and it seems the three amigos followed this philosophy for making the tequila that they wanted to drink. Lovely stuff! You can shop our collection of Casamigos tequila here today.

Caol Ila

Another exceptional Islay distillery on Diageo’s roster! Perched on Islay’s rugged eastern coast, this picturesque distillery is truly a sight to behold – if you can find it! It is Islay’s biggest distillery as well as its most remote. Over 150 years old, Caol Ila has been at the top of the whisky game since its conception. Famed for its delectable coastal drams, single malts from Islay are must-tries for every Scotch whisky fan out there! You can shop our full selection of Caol Ila whiskies here today. These are just a few of the 200+ brands that Diageo are proud to call their own. Hopefully you learned something new today about some of these top-notch expressions. Maybe you’ve even found a new brand that you’d love to explore!