Cranachan, meaning "churn" in Scottish Gaelic, began as a treat to celebrate harvest: using freshly picked raspberries and newly harvested oats. Traditionally it was eaten in the morning, with the cream element originally being Crowdie cheese - a soft and fresh Scottish cheese made from skimmed cows milk. The classic Scottish pudding has since been updated to celebrate any special occasion, even on Burns Night - when raspberries are very much out of season.

Ingredients (serves 4):

50g of oats

250g of raspberries

500ml of double cream

1tbsp of caster sugar

1 tbsp of honey (preferably heather honey)

3 tbsp of single malt whisky (scroll past the method for our picks!)


  1. Toast the oatmeal. Place your oats into a hot frying pan and stir. Heat until they have browned slightly in colour, and are giving off a nutty aroma. (Pay close attention here as there is a very thin line until they burn!) Remove for later.
  2. Make your raspberry compote. Muddle half of the raspberries with a mortar and pestle and sweeten with caster sugar. Sieve this if your not a fan of seeds!
  3. Make your cream. Whisk the double cream until its just about set, and stir in the honey and whisky.
  4. Mix. Stir in your oatmeal, leaving a bit to decorate.
  5. Layer your glass. Cream mix, raspberry compote, cream, raspberry, cream. Top with your whole raspberries and a sprinkle of oats. Voila!

Best Whiskies for Cranachan

GlenKinchie 12 year old - notes of cereal and malty biscuit

Arran 10 Year Old - notes of apple, vanilla and oak.

Robert Burns Malt - notes of malt, vanilla and oaky spice.

AnCnoc 12 Year Old - notes of vanilla and honey.

BenRomach 10 Year Old - notes of malt, sherry and a wisp of peat smoke.

Have a wonderful Burns Night, from us at The Whisky Shop!