Founded in 1790 by John Ross, Balblair is one of Scotland's oldest single malt whisky distilleries and, as such, they have a tried and true method of whisky production - honouring a patient, hands-on approach. They like to take things particularly slowly with a 62-hour long fermentation process and a four and a half hour long distillation. The Balblair collection is intriguingly complex and satisfying. They capture the intense esters at the start of the spirit cut to seal core characteristics of apricots, oranges, spices, floral notes and green apples. The heavier oils and lipids at the end of the cut are also captured, giving leathery, nutty and full-bodied characteristics.

The 21 Year Old began its journey maturing within American Oak ex-bourbon and double fired American oak casks for 15 years, before being moved to the finest, hand-selected, Spanish oak Oloroso wine casks. For the final six years, its distinctive character is developed, the casks imparting spiced fruity flavours and deep, rich colour. Elegantly understated, yet quietly self-assured, the 21 Year Old is a dram to be savoured.

Expect aromas of pineapple and apricots intertwined with aromatic cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by toffee apples and honey. In the mouth, more intense tropical flavours are revealed, with mango and pineapple layered with warming notes of cloves and ginger before a long and lingering finish of dark chocolate.

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