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Founded by the team behind the Glasgow-based independent bottlers, Hunter Laing & Co, Ardnahoe is the ninth functioning distillery on the island. Stewart Laing and his sons Andrew and Scott formed the company in 2013 and within three years, they were scouting out the perfect location for their very own distillery on the fabled whisky isle.

With a family background in the whisky business dating back to 1940s, when Stewart's father founded his own blending and bottling company, Stewart has 50 years of first-hand experience in the industry - so they had a strong foundation from which to build. Ground was broken on their site by Loch Ardnahoe in the Northeast in late 2016, and their first cask was filled on 9th November 2018.

Taking its name from the location, Ardnahoe is Scottish Gaelic for 'Height of the Hollow', which perfectly describes the beautiful setting in which the distillery lies. Water is drawn from this deep loch for the whisky making process, which is exceptionally soft - having been filtered through peat and rock for thousands of years. Their barley is dried over peat smoke for around 20 hours, creating the foundation of the peaty Islay flavour, before being slowly distilled in two lantern-shaped copper pot stills made by Speyside Copperworks. A proportion of the Ardnahoe spirit is matured at the distillery on Islay, absorbing the maritime atmosphere and adding an extra element of "terroir".

The first whisky from Ardnahoe is almost ready, and we cannot wait to taste this 'smoky, dynamic and full-bodied' expression. Register Your Interest to be notified when our bottles go on sale.