The first inaugural release from the innovative InchDairnie Distillery, the 2017 vintage of RyeLaw has distinctive rye spice flavour unlike any other Scotch whisky. The mash bill is comprised of 53% malted rye and 47% malted barley that has been expertly ground in a hammer mill in order to extract maximum flavour before being fermented with a rye-specific yeast for that perfect taste. The precious liquid was then matured in newly charred oak casks sourced from the Ozark Mountains, USA. This spectacular bottle you see here is beautifully presented and features three ripples on the side to illustrate the distillery’s 3Ms philosophy: materials, method and maturation.

InchDairnie Distillery pushes the boundaries of flavour through these 3 M's, extracting as much flavour as possible through innovative and sustainable means. It is located close to Kinglassie, in the Kingdom of Fife, where industrial Scotland meets agricultural Scotland, and was founded in 2012 by Ian Palmer. As Managing Director, he oversaw the construction of a distillery with striking, contemporary design, but with small nods to traditional distillery architectural features. Through the huge glass windows, the ground-breaking technology shines bright.

Materials: RyeLaw was actually made with rye from Easter Ross, the Palmer family home in the north of Scotland. All materials have been sourced exclusively in Scotland, and in more recent years, only in Fife. Once malted, these cereals are ground to a very fine powder using a special Hammer mill to enable maximum flavour extraction at the next phase of production.

Method: With over 45 years of experience in the whisky world, Ian Palmer has studied old, and imagined new, concepts to challenge conformed thinking on how to make Scotch. As such, InchDairnie is one of only two distilleries in Scotland to use a special mash filter - a Meura - that acts like a series of tea bags being squeezed by a balloon, extracting maximum flavour from the mix of grist and water (wort) - resulting in a light, floral, cereal-noted spirit. The liquid is also distilled using a precise Lomond Hill still, making RyeLaw the world's only Lomond Hill distilled rye whisky.

Maturation: InchDairnie matures their spirit over a prolonged period of time in a variety of casks, without a need for a finish. If necessary, they transfer the liquid from one cask type to another halfway through the whisky’s maturation period. Casks are specially selected directly from the source. For RyeLaw, the vibrancy of fresh American oak imparts character onto the whisky in a way older, reused casks can’t.

InchDairnie has also had a commitment to sustainability from the outset. For example, their draff and pot ale co-product is used to supply anaerobic digestion and conversion to methane, bringing energy back in the loop. The digestate from the anaerobic plant is then sprayed onto land for growing cereals, nicely closing the loop. In addition, electricity consumed at the distillery is from renewable sources.

All of these efforts work together create a truly fantastic first bottling, with a rye taste spicier than other Scotch, and yet more delicate than American rye whiskey. Expect aromas of rye spice, mellow oak and a soft underlayer of vanilla bean. The palate explodes with spicy pepper, sweet biscuits, cereal and dried fruit, with a finish full of sweet spice. A delicate and endlessly sippable rye whisky.