This is what they had to say:

The Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder, Kilarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

My dream whisky destination is The Celtic Whiskey Bar, Killarney Co. Kerry. It is home to the largest collection of whiskey available by the dram I’ve ever come across. It does great food and cocktails and Irish craft beer. An outstanding collection of Sherry, Port and Madeira on offer, so you can pair your favourite whisk(e)y with the corresponding fortified wine. But on top of that, Killarney, and Kerry in general (specifically South Kerry) is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Take a boat out to Innisfallen to visit the iconic 6th century monastery there, or hike through the national park; both will work up quite the thirst for whisky later on. - Luke, W Club Manager

Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn, USA

Not only does this place have the best distillery bar I’ve ever sat in, but it is also located in one of the coolest, most historical locations I’ve ever come across for a whisky distillery. Located in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, the distillery is tiny and produces a huge number of spirits, from classic bourbon, to peated bourbon, wheated whisky, oat whisky, they’ve done it all! The distillery is based in an old Irish settlement in Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn - the location of the first ever death of a US tax official in the history of the USA to that point! Tax officers and police officers raided the area for illegal distillation, and became surrounded in a cul-de-sac as they were pelted with rocks and the heaviest things people could get hold of. The distillery still has its first ever distillation run on display in the visitor’s centre, stored in an old school moonshine jug. The place is incredible from wall to wall. - Phil, Manchester Store Manager

Islay, Scotland

I think it has to be Islay, basic though it is. There are so many iconic distilleries putting out incredible whiskies. An opportunity to head out for a couple of weeks to do a warehouse tour at every distillery would be amazing to be able to see the difference in not only the whisky itself, but their production as well. Failing that, going to an Izakaya in Tokyo and drinking highballs with some yakitori on the side would be a far less romantic, though still thoroughly enjoyable, experience. - Matt, Oxford Store Manager

Speyside, Scotland

In Autumn 2019, I was lucky enough to take part in a canoe trip with a few very good mates from my former outdoor career along the length of the River Spey in NE Scotland. We took four days, starting out in Aviemore, and eventually ending up in Spey Bay, wild camping at the side of the river every night. It was a trip of a lifetime and incredibly memorable, however I did not fully realise just how much whisky history and how many of my favourite distilleries we were paddling past. Now I have more whisky knowledge and a new career, I would love to complete this trip again and take a lot more time to visit some of the riverside distilleries along the way. My other dream destination would be to spend a few days on Islay, but I feel lots may say this. - Kris, Leeds Assistant Manager

Old Bushmills Distillery, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

Heading from Belfast city, a short car ride will take you to Old Bushmills distillery - the oldest licensed distillery in the world. The guided tour offers an opportunity to taste a number of whiskeys, and to explore the mechanics involved in their 400-year tradition of triple-distilling their drams. An even shorter drive from there will take you to the Giants Causeway, a breath-taking natural formation on County Antrim's rugged coastline. I completed this journey, and had my first taste of Irish whiskey, the weekend before I started working at The Whisky Shop in 2022. Next on my list is 'Scotland's Giant's Causeway': Fingal's Cave, which broke apart from the Causeway millions of years ago when the islands formed. Located on the Isle of Staffa, you must travel from the Isle of Mull, so a visit to Tobermory distillery will be in order - definitely not my first taste of Scotch! - Charlotte, Copywriter