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  1. Meet the Team

    Meet the Team

    Since 2019, our The Whisky Shop Auctions has flourished into a truly spectacular part of our business. This is hugely due to the hard work of three of our wonderful key team members - Briony Turner, Alan Davidson, and James Corrigan.
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  2. TWSA Uncorked

    TWSA Uncorked

    One of the most knowledgeable figures in the world of online whisky auctions, Christoffer Hallstrom, answers Whiskeria readers' burning questions on investments, storage, and more!
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  3. Best of 2022: Most Sought-After Whiskies at Auction

    Best of 2022: Most Sought-After Whiskies at Auction

    As always, 2022 was a big year for whisky purchased at auction. Sales of fine wine and spirits at top auction house, Sotheby's, soared to a record high of US$150 million in 2022, up 14% on 2021's total of US$132 million.
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  4. In Safe Hands

    In Safe Hands

    Angela Dineen, Operations Director at Diageo's Claive Vidiz Collection, walks us through one of the most impressive collections of Scotch in the world.
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  5. Back of Beyond and Back Again

    Back of Beyond and Back Again

    We are always looking for ways to go the extra mile for our customers, so we have decided to increase the range of our Home Collection service to include some of the most remote parts of the Scottish Highlands. We ask Brett Gleed, our Inverness Store Manager, and Drew Hillier, our resident whisky specialist, how often they will be making the run, if they know any scenic resting points along the way, and what the best bottle they've seen being brought through the door was?
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  6. Never Behind the Times

    Never Behind the Times

    Six reasons why The Whisky Shop Auctions is as popular as ever.
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  7. King of the Castle: Tomas Karlsson Interview

    King of the Castle: Tomas Karlsson Interview

    We sit down with Tomas Karlsson, owner of the world's biggest collection of St. Magdalene whisky, to discuss his love of the lost distillery inside the unique surroundings of Glasgow castle.
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  8. On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    When not running the show at our Piccadilly boutique, you'll find The Whisky Shop's Alan Robertson driving around the country, picking up auction bottles from all over the UK. We get the inside scoop from Alan on The Whisky Shop Auctions' home collection service.
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  9. The Whisky Shop Auctions Highlights

    The Whisky Shop Auctions Highlights

    The Whisky Shop Auction has been live for a week now and we now have over 100 bottles available to bid on! From bona fide classics, personal favourites of our experienced team and some obscure and rare expressions we’ve got bottles for every palate and budget.
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