The new Elements series celebrates innovation and creativity in whisky making, and heralds a new era of experimentation with mashing and fermentation. For the first release, the distillery team at Laphroaig had free rein to experiment and push the boundaries. They have utilised a 8.5 tonne mash, in addition to two 5.5 tonne mashes that are typically used. This size was used pre-1990s, so this combination of 8.5 and 11 tonne mash is a mix of styles from today and from the past. 

From the mashes, they usually pull a semi-cloudy wort, which gives the liquid a subtle fruity flavour, however for Elements 1.0, a cloudy wort was pulled too, to add more peat and phenolics to the tropical fruit notes. The 55-hour fermentation is personally overseen by Distillery Manager Barry MacAffer, before the spirit is matured in bourbon casks. He explains what's so exciting about this expression:

"In the past we have finished with different casks, we have used different maturation styles, however with this one, what makes it really unique is it's all about what we can change and what we can adapt and what we can modify at the distillery itself." - Barry MacAffer, Distillery Manager.

Bottled at 58.6% abv. This experimental Laphroaig boasts aromas of smoky bacon, woody bonfire embers, and hints of charred strawberry and pineapple, before a spicy and peppery palate. Tropical fruits, winter cloves and liquorice flavours lead to a long and warming finish full of smoke and peat. The sleek packaging is another unique aspect, as the design is inspired by sketches showing designs for Laphroaig's distillery expansion in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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