Maker's Mark Cellar Aged is the iconic bourbon's long awaited and first ever, older expression. The distillery rarely, if ever, experiments with their traditional recipe, as their process was perfected by their founder Bill Samuels in 1953. So this new limited edition annual release is a real treat!

Conventional bottles of Maker's Mark spend a minimum of three hot Kentucky summers in their warehouses so, to make an older bottling, they had fight the heat by going underground. The LEED-certified, temperature controlled limestone cellar, where this expression spends most of its life, is kept at a steady 11°c to slow down the heavy extraction of tannins, and yet continue the oxidation.

The final expression has been made using a combination of 87% 12-year-old and 13% 11-year-old bourbon, and bottled at cask strength of 57.8% abv. By embracing both the unique impact that their warehouse and cellar maturation have on flavour, they've created an older expression that is richer and more complex whilst staying true to the founder's taste vision of bourbon without the bite. 

Expect notes of dark stone fruits, caramelised sugar and toasted oak on the nose, with a palate balanced with big oak, dark vanilla and fruits. The velvety finish is long and complex with caramelised barrel notes and baking spices.

Best served neat, perhaps occasionally on the rocks.