Inspired by the transition from day to night, this dram perfectly captures the magic of midnight. Rich, enticing, and intense, Mortlach 30 Year Old Midnight Malt gives whisky fans the opportunity to savour the darker side of Speyside. This expression is best slowly enjoyed in the solitary late night hours.

This is undoubtedly Mortlach’s boldest and most mysterious release to date. Distilled 2.81 times, this 30-year-old dram has taken on a wonderfully unique flavour due to its maturation in refill American and European oak casks before a three-cask finish in a combination of Bordeaux wine, Calvados, and Guatemalan rum casks. This experimental maturation has resulted in an outstandingly sumptuous and intriguing single malt. The expression has been bottled at 49.1% abv.

The nose is gentle with fresh herbs and welcome meaty notes, reminiscent of pork crackling. The palate brings a pleasant spiciness with flavours of cracked black pepper leading the charge, complemented perfectly by decadent fruity hints. The peppery notes continue into the lingering finish that eventually fades to reveal surprising notes of menthol and sweet chocolate.

Just 350 bottles of this ultra-rare expression will be released annually. If you are interested in purchasing this stunning dram, you can register your interest here today.