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    ​Steel Bonnets: Whisky Without Borders

    By Joseph Pettigrew 10 months ago

    The latest release from The Lakes Distillery honours The Border Marches of the Late Middle Ages, with a blend of Scottish and English malt whiskies

    The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria was officially opened in 2014 as one of just a handful of whisky distilleries to be founded in England in more than a century. Indeed, whisky production itself had been absent from the country since the closure of Lea Valley distillery in 1905, until the partnership of Hicks & Healy began production of a Cornish single malt whisky in 2003. The Lakes Distillery is due to release its first single malt whisky this summer, but consumers will be more familiar with its blended offering, The ONE, which holds a unique position as the only British Blended Whisky, combining single malts and grain whiskies from across the British Isles. The latest release from the distillery takes this philosophy in a new direction.

    Making Waves in the Glen of Tranquillity

    By Joseph Pettigrew 1 years ago

    Glenmorangie release the Grand Vintage Malt 1989

    Founded in 1843, Glenmorangie is one of the Highlands’ most distinguished single malt whiskies. The name, oft mispronounced as Glenmor-AN-gie instead of Glen-MOR-angie (rhyming with orange-y), is said to be derived from the Scots Gaelic for ‘Vale of Tranquillity’ and to see the distillery it is clear how the moniker was acquired. Situated on the banks of the Dornoch Firth in Ross-shire, the distillery began life as Morangie Farm, latterly home to a brewery before Andrew Matheson, a former distillery manager, bought the farm and converted the Morangie brewery to a distillery, duly Christened Glenmorangie. Using two second-hand gin stills, Andrew set out to produce his single malt.

    Jura: A Long Way From Ordinary

    By Joseph Pettigrew 1 years ago

    The island distillery’s new signature range launched exclusively with The Whisky Shop and is already proving popular with customers

    Lying off the north eastern coast of Islay, the island of Jura is around the same size as its neighbour, but while Islay boasts eight whisky distilleries and more in development, Jura is home to just one. The Isle of Jura Distillery was founded in 1810, predating the official opening of some of Islay’s biggest names including Bunnahabhain (1881), Caol Ila (1846), Lagavulin (1816) and Laphroaig (1815). While it may have historic roots, the Jura distillery’s success today stems from our more recent past, having been rebuilt in 1963 by local estate owners after an unfortunate period of disrepair.

    New Release: Glenmorangie Spios

    By Joseph Pettigrew 1 years ago

    Variety is the spice of life for the Highland distillery with the 9th release in the Private Edition series now available at The Whisky Shop

    There are a few events in the calendar that true whisky die-hards await with the excitement and impatience of a child on Christmas Eve. From the Islay Festival in May to Diageo’s Special Releases in October. Fortunately, they are well enough spaced out to keep us happy all year round and January’s treat for the past eight years has been the release of the Glenmorangie Private Edition.

    ​1 cask, 3 Decades, 533 bottles: Tamdhu 30 Year Old Platinum Old & Rare

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    New single cask from Hunter Laing & Co’s Platinum Old & Rare Selection arrives at The Whisky Shop

    The year is 1987. The world gets its first taste of a family of colourful characters from Springfield as The Simpsons make their debut in a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. New Zealand’s revered All Blacks triumph in the first ever Rugby World Cup, hosted by New Zealand and Australia. President Ronald Reagan visits Berlin and issues the challenge heard around the world, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Meanwhile, on the banks of the River Spey in the north of Scotland, drops of new make spirit trickle from the stills of Tamdhu distillery.

    ​A Phoenix from the Ashes: Littlemill 2017 Private Cellar Edition

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    The latest release from the lost distillery of Littlemill arrives at The Whisky Shop

    Officially founded by George Buchan of Glasgow in 1772, on the site of a former brewery in Bowling on the banks of the River Clyde, Littlemill was the oldest distillery in Scotland. Despite its provenance as an elder of the industry, Littlemill had a chequered past, being mothballed twice in its lifetime before eventually silencing its stills for good in 1994 when its owners went bankrupt. The grand dame of distilling was then purchased by the Loch Lomond Group, owners of Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia distilleries, but hope of a revival did not last with the remnants of the distillery being dismantled in 1997 and finally, in 2004, a fire ravaged the remainder of the buildings, bringing Littlemill distillery’s story to an end.

    New Releases: The Dalmore Port Vintage Collection

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    Master Distiller Richard Paterson continues his 50th anniversary celebrations with a trio of Port-finished perfection from The Dalmore

    Master Distiller of The Dalmore, Richard Paterson has celebrated 50 years in the industry in true style. His landmark year has seen the release of The Dalmore 50 Year Old, The Dalmore Quintessence and now a trio of vintages finished in specially selected Port pipes. Showcasing the exclusive relationship The Dalmore enjoys with W & J Graham’s vineyard in Portugal’s Douro Valley, alongside Paterson’s artistry, this latest series consists of vintages from 1996, 1998 and 2001, each matured in pipes seasoned with vintage Port.

    New Release: Jura Tastival 2017

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    Jura joins in the Fèis Ìle celebrations with its annual “Tastival” limited edition release

    Despite being a ferry-ride away from the Queen of the Hebrides, Jura’s eponymous distillery takes part in Islay’s annual Festival of Music and Malt, or Fèis Ìle as it’s called in the mother tongue, with its own day dubbed Jura Tastival. Each year, the distillery encourages fans to discover the different sides of Jura with a variety of engaging tasting events that bring the characteristics of the island, the distillery and its whisky to life.

    New Release: Glenmorangie Pride 1974

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    The rarest and oldest single malt ever released by Glenmorangie is the Pride of the Highlands

    On 30th October 1974, as Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in the 8th round of the Rumble in the Jungle, regaining the World Heavyweight Championship that he had been stripped of seven years earlier, in what is considered the greatest sporting event of the 20th century, the Men of Tain were busy working away in the warehouses of Glenmorangie. As the radio blared with the voices of commentators David Frost and Joe Frazier, the craftsmen set about laying down two parcels of Glenmorangie spirit that would achieve similar lofty heights in the decades that would follow.

    New Release: Shackleton Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

    By Joseph Pettigrew 2 years ago

    Discovered under ice. Served over ice.

    Few names inspire a sense of adventure and heroism as that of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton CVO OBE FRGS. A polar explorer who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic and one of the principal figures of the Heroic Age of Exploration, Shackleton’s storied exploits on Discovery, Nimrod and Endurance have become the stuff of legend. Even the string vest the man wore during his famous 800-mile voyage in an open lifeboat across the Southern Ocean has become a carefully preserved relic. It is not surprising then that when three cases of whisky from the Nimrod expedition were discovered in the ice under Shackleton’s camp, admirers began salivating at the thought of tasting the man’s favourite dram. Enter Whyte & Mackay Master Blender, Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson.