This summer, we've been enjoying Ardray, a new interpretation of blended whisky that brings together Scottish heritage and Japanese artistry, in many different ways. In a refreshing highball, traditionally neat, and in a variety of experimental cocktails. As Brand Ambassador Stephanie Peck puts it in our W Club Decanted Podcast, the expression is to be drank 'however you enjoy it.' Ardray is a discovery and a conversation - finding your favourite way to savour it is a part of that journey. With that being said, Ardray have suggested a jumping off point to open up the delicate layers of flavour within the liquid. Presenting, the Ardray signature serve...

Ardray "Off The Rocks"

This innovative serve gradually unlocks the deep and complex notes within the whisky. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

1. Using tongs, hold an ice ball above a tumbler, and slowly pour the whisky across the ice, letting it gently cascade down into your glass.

2. In a mixing glass, gently stir the whisky briefly with ice, before straining it into your chosen serving glass.

As the chilled whisky gently warms, you will discover all the complexity Ardray has to offer.

The Whisky

A gorgeously smooth blended whisky crafted to perfection with Japanese expertise, this expression has been made with a handful of fine older single malts representing every terroir of Scotland. The first partnership between the renowned Suntory blending team and Scottish whisky makers, the notably elegant expression has been made with adventurous whisky drinkers in mind - to share their love of the water of life with friends.

Expect notes of apple, plum and clementine on the nose, with soft smoke emerging on the palate alongside creamy vanilla and orange blossom. A long-lasting finish lingers in the mouth for long after the last sip.

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