We're very pleased to reveal that this liquid was The Feering Early Harvest, a blended whisky which is the first release from the new Cabrach distillery.

The Cabrach Trust will begin production of their very own single malt later in the year, as a distillery situated in the former epicentre of illicit distilling in the 18th century. With an aim to regenerate the area, The Feering Early Harvest is the first of three limited-edition bottlings which have been blended with liquid donated from three Speyside distilleries, to support the distillery prior to distilling their own.

We received plenty of positive feedback, from those who had no idea if the liquid was:

  • a blended whisky or a single malt
  • Scotch or from elsewhere
  • peated or unpeated
  • 3 years old or 30 years old

It's always beneficial to challenge our perceptions about whisky, and make up our minds purely from sensorial first impressions. The below diagram shows the common words used to describe their drinking experience:

Overall, our sampling group scored The Feering First Harvest a brilliant 73 out of 100. Here's what some of our W Clubbers slash reviewers had to say:

"A nice light summery whisky that would suit sipping at sunset." - Dan

"Lots of depth, changes as you drink it. Starts very summery and outdoorsy, and ends up richer with an almost sweet taste." - Christiaan

"It’s an unusual, rewarding dram that gives you plenty to explore, and I enjoyed it a lot." - Stephen

"Nectar of the gods, be interesting to know who distilled this." - Daniel

"A thoroughly well balanced dram with surprising depth given its presenting pale colour and mild, sweet aroma. Pepper, blackcurrant and honey on the taste, with more bite and a lingering taste of ginger coming through to finish. Sublime." - Andy

"Thoroughly enjoyed, wonderfully fresh, vibrant and easy to drink." - Tony

The Feering: Early Harvest is available now, on Priority Access for W Club Members.