Darkness Glenrothes 13 Year Old Oloroso Cask Finish

There's few people who'll admit that they're still scared of the dark past the legal drinking age, however, everyone has a moment every once in a while, when turning off the last lights in the house before bed becomes a little spooky for no reason at all. This superb Darkness Glenrothes expression embodies this fear, and not just that, it's age is unlucky thirteen. The Speyside distillery is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a butler, perhaps as it sits opposite a graveyard with gravestones covered in a mysterious black fungus. Creepy indeed.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum Black Cherry & Madagascan Vanilla

Named for the legendary sea monster, The Kraken rum takes inspiration from myths surrounding a giant octopus dragging doomed ships to the depths- often taking the rum aboard with it. This flavour was inspired by a famous remedy for Kraken sucker bites, as it was said that ship crews healed themselves with black cherries and vanilla pods from Madagascar. Over time, this fusion was added to their rum, in a futile attempt to deter The Beast.

The Sexton

The Sexton is named after a key figure in Irish folklore- you can see him in the logo of this sherry-cask-matured Irish single malt. As The Sexton is the guardian of the graveyard, he serves as the final person you see before you move on to the afterlife, and to whom you tell your life story. The Sexton whiskey invites you to live a life with a story worth telling. Try it in their signature Bury The Hatchet cocktail.

Kill Devil Rum Barbados Foursquare 14 Year Old

Though the name might be found unusual, Kill Devil is a reference to the original name for rum given to it by Caribbean Islanders in the 17th and 18th century. It endured on as a nickname, especially as this spirit was drunk to combat scurvy, a 'devil' of sorts. This sumptuous Foursquare 14 Year Old is bottled at a cask strength 63.1% abv - the strong stuff is definitely capable of warding of satan! (Or perhaps it's exactly his kind of tipple.)

Dead Man's Fingers Lime Rum

From the Caribbean to Cornwall, Dead Man's Fingers originated at the Rum and Crab Shack, a famous seafood restaurant in St Ives. Crab has long, finger-like gills inside which are nicknamed ‘dead man’s fingers’ because folklore says that if you eat them, you’ll die. (Although the reason that chefs discard them is simply because they taste horrible.) The horrified skull on the bottle represents the last person to eat the 'dead man's fingers'. A rum to represent the scariest thing of all - food poisoning.

Crystal Head Vodka Pride Edition

This bottle makes a striking Halloween display piece, as well as offering up ultra-premium vodka to your guests. Crystal Head Vodka was founded by Ghostbuster himself, Dan Ackroyd, and is filtered through diamonds for a super pure and smooth liquid.

Fallen Angel Blood Orange Gin

Another spirit that serves as a Halloween decoration in its own right, Fallen Angel Blood Orange gin is contained within a breath-taking ceramic decanter in the shape of a menacing devil head. Not only this, the liquid inside is blood red in colour, as well as being a tasty, zesty gin.

Ardbeg Wee Beastie

The Wee Beastie is named as such as it's the youngest whisky to be bottled by Ardbeg distillery on Islay, but, at 5 years old, it still packs an almighty punch. Intense aromas of cracked blacked pepper mingle with sappy pine resin and a sharp tang of smoke, before a palate of chocolate, creosote and tar. This really is a monster of a dram.

Happy Halloween!