Soda Water

Ah the humble highball! Mixing your dram with soda water in a tall glass is an ultra-refreshing way to unlock the more delicate notes in your whisky. It's a welcome drink during the mild Scottish summer (all two hours of it), and very popular in Japanese whisky culture. Try pairing a lush, fresh whisky such as Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie with soda water for the best highball.

Ginger Ale

A Scottish take on the 'Moscow Mule' (maybe a Montrose Mule?), ginger ale brings fizz and fire to your dram - especially great with those with honeyed notes such as Highland Park 12 Year Old. Try with a squeeze of lime for a perfect summer drink.

Apple Juice

Apple juice has long been an ideal mixer for bourbon, especially in cocktails. However, the sweet treat of a drink also pairs wonderfully with Scotch whisky. Just ask Rod Stewart, who's favourite drink is an Appletini - made with his very own Wolfies Blended Scotch Whisky.


Put your twist on the classic Irish coffee by using Scotch instead of Irish whiskey. Use a peated whisky to add some layered smoky notes to your (Scottish) coffee, or use an ultra-sweet port cask such as Old Pulteney Coastal Series Port Cask for an ideal post-dinner sipper.


Scotch whisky and lemon juice are known partners in crime in a multitude of classic cocktails, such as the Penicillin and Whisky Sour. However, you can fast track this by using a good-quality lemonade, which will serve as the ultimate refresher. A perfect citrus-y tipple to calm the bite of a whisky at a summer barbeque.


If you'd like to take in the beauty of your Scotch without bringing in any extra flavours, a drop or several of water can bring down the alcohol level of your dram so that you can fully appreciate all of the wonderful notes that your whisky has to offer, without the burn. According to The Guardian, water actually makes the Scotch taste better than drinking it neat. The reason being that flavour molecules in whisky typically bind to alcohol compounds and, when water is added, these are repelled and escape to the top surface of the liquid. Therefore, the immediate aroma and taste of the whisky leaps forward, when it was previously buried underneath the alcohol.

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  1. What are some creative cocktail recipes using Scotch whisky? You can find all our cocktail recipes in our Mixing It Up section, here.
  2. How do different types of Scotch whisky, such as single malt versus blended, pair with various mixers in terms of flavour enhancement or balance? Single malt Scotch whisky tends to have more pronounced and complex flavours, making it ideal for cocktails where the whisky is the focal point. It pairs well with mixers that complement its inherent flavours, such as citrus juices to enhance fruity notes or herbal liqueurs to add depth. On the other hand, blended Scotch whisky offers versatility and balance, making it suitable for a wide range of mixers. Its smoother profile makes it adaptable to cocktails where the whisky plays a supporting role, allowing other ingredients to shine.
  3. Can you provide tips or guidelines for experimenting with mixing Scotch whisky and different mixers to create personalized and enjoyable drinks?
    • Start Simple: Begin with classic recipes and gradually introduce new mixers.
    • Taste as You Go: Sample your drink while mixing to adjust flavours.
    • Play with Ratios: Adjust whisky-to-mixer ratios to suit your taste.
    • Explore Flavours: Get creative with mixers to find unique combinations.