For a long time, Edradour was the smallest distillery in Scotland. World renowned as 'Scotland's Little Gem', the quaint distillery was founded in 1825 and indeed remains true to the authentic small scale production of that era. Based in the small Highland town of Pitlochry at the foot of the Cairngorms, it is the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today.

However, Strathearn distillery was built in 2013 as an even smaller whisky distillery, taking Edradour's crown. Located in Highland Perthshire, not far from where the Scottish kings were traditionally inaugurated on the Stone of Destiny, Strathearn single malt is also hand-crafted in one of Scotland's smallest mash tuns.

Oban is also a very small traditional distillery, with it being run by a close-knit team of just seven people. However, many craft and micro-distilleries have begun popping up in more recent years, meaning that the feat of being the smallest is no longer a title worthy of claiming. For example, Isle of Harris distillery, Wolfburn and Kingsbarns are new boutique craft distilleries which produce single batches of whisky in their tiny facilities.