[This article contains spoilers for The Killer (2023)]

Scot Tilda Swinton appears in the best scene from David Fincher's new suspense film, The Killer. Released on Netflix this week, the movie, based on the famed French graphic novel series of the same name, has a penultimate climax in which The Killer (Michael Fassbender) interrupts dinner of the assassin in which he has a grievance (Swinton). Immediately knowing that his presence means her minutes are numbered, she orders a flight of whiskies, and her personal bottle.

She flies through this flight, not caring to know which expressions she is drinking, and she's hardly concerned with supplying tasting notes. However, the bottle she has stored at the restaurant for a special occasion, is an older bottling of Brora. She doesn't even get to taste it one last time, as The Killer drinks it before her.

One of Scotland's best-loved cult distilleries, Brora was mothballed in 1983, although production resumed at the iconic distillery in 2021. Therefore, this bottling was likely near and dear to the assassin, as a precious whisky distilled over 40 years ago.

Single malts from Brora’s glory days sell for tens of thousands of pounds today, making them some of the most highly sought-after drams on the market. The rare single malt bottlings hailing from the distillery’s swan song years in the late 1970s and 80s are characterised by an oily, almost waxy texture, with mineral and marine flavours, and a lemony acidity.

Clynelish is a sister distillery of Brora, and is situated in the eponymous village. Brora distillery was in fact originally named Clynelish, before a second distillery was founded in 1967 - taking the name with it. You can find many old and modern expressions of Clynelish, known for its waxy, honeyed flavours in comparison.

We have many bottles of Brora on our website, and also Johnnie Walker Ghost & Rare Port Dundas, which was made with single malt from since closed down distilleries, including Brora, Cambus and Port Dundas.

The original distillery was founded in 1819 by the infamous Marquis of Stratford, otherwise known as the Duke of Sutherland who evicted over 15,000 crofters during the Highland Clearances. Perhaps she had an affinity with this controversial villain of history.

Which whisky would you choose as your last?