The sustainable whiskey, made in New Hampshire by Tamworth Distilling, was conceived of in order to help eradicate the invasive species of the European green crab from the New England Coast.  

The limited release whiskey uses 1,000 green crabs harvested from a local trapper, which are then cooked down into a stock and blended with four-year-old bourbon. To make it slightly more palatable, and to resemble the ingredients used in a seafood boil (a local delicacy), a blend of eight spices is also added.

"It has a nice spicy aftertaste," Founder Steven Grasse said. "Some people have even unexpectedly begun comparing it to a 'Briny Fireball,' due to this spice effect."

Originally from Europe, the green crab made its way to New England in the early 1800s via ships and quickly flourished due to their ability to tolerate extreme conditions. One green crab eats 40 clams a day and lays more than 185,000 eggs a year, according to Ocean River Institute, and rising temperatures have only added to the problem.

This is certainly a dram for the environmentally conscious, sea-food fan, who enjoys a spice-bomb whiskey. If you know someone like this, tell them a bottle is $65 and available in the US.