Blair Athol

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Blair Athol was established way back in 1798 to make use of the pure waters from the ancient All Dour – ‘the burn of the otter’ in Gaelic – and was originally named Aldour, before being rechristened in 1826. It stands in Pitlochry on the banks of the River Tay and is one of Scotland’s oldest legal distilling sites.

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About Blair Athol

The distillery was bought by Guinness (now part of Diageo) in 1985, and a visitor centre was opened on site shortly after. Before the purchase, Blair Athol was bottled only once by Bell’s as a single malt, and since 1985 has only been found as a single under the Flora and Fauna collection.

The water used in the production at Blair Athol comes from the Allt Dour burn.
Around 95% of Blair Athol's produce is used in Bell's Blend.
Blair Athol produces nearly 2,000,000 litres whisky per year.


Founded in 1798, the distillery was originally named Aldour. This changed in 1825 to Blair Athol, named after the nearby village of Blair Atholl. The distillery passed between hands many times before eventually falling silent in 1932. The distillery was purchased by Arthur Bell & Sons in 1933 and in 1949, production finally resumed. The company was then purchased by Guinness in 1985.

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