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    The Top 5 Must Have Whiskies this Christmas!

    There is no hiding from it; Christmas is right around the corner and its all around us. Shops have already started displaying their usual plethora of brightly coloured decorations, overly indulgent foods and of course those must have gifts – there is no escaping it, it’s time to give in and embrace the holiday cheer.

    To help you ease into the festive period and give you something to look forward to, we thought we’d compile a Santa’s list of our own – The Top 5 Must Have Whiskies this Christmas!

    Mortlach Rare Old

    First up is a hidden gem, but is one that is sure to become one of your top discoveries of 2014. Mortlach Rare Old is the perfect festive whisky. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, this rich expression oozes all your most favourite winter flavours. Cinnamon, dark chocolate, dried fruits, fudge and citrus zest all come together to give this exquisite Speyside single malt its luxurious character.

    Buy Mortlach Rare Old - £55.00

    Aberfeldy 12 Year Old 

    It’s off to the Highlands for our next dram and this time we nestle by the fire with the wonderful Aberfeldy 12 Year Old. If you’re looking for a great new whisky on a budget then this is definitely worth your attention. Drawing its water from the Pitilie Burn, as small natural spring prized for its purity and rich deposits of gold and minerals, Aberfeldy whisky is famous for its honeyed character; and the 12 year old it no different. Distinct and comforting honey, rich and biscuit with refreshing fruity notes; this is definitely a dram to be enjoyed on a cold, crisp winters day.

    Buy Aberfeldy 12 Year Old - £32.00

    Bowmore Laimrig

    Another whisky that has been the talk of The Whisky Shop HQ is the Bowmore Laimrig. This Islay single malt is something special indeed. Named after the ancient stone pier from which the distillery’s barley would have once been unloaded and the finished product first exported, Laimrig is a prime example of classic Islay whisky. Dark in its appearance Laimrig is a product of its environment, mature in distilleries legendary No.1 Vaults, the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one in the world located below sea level – its damp and cold conditions making it the perfect atmosphere to mature whisky. Finished in the finest Spanish sherry butts, Laimrig is spicy, fruity and of course peaty in its character; a real show stopper.

    Buy Bowmore Laimrig - £65.00

    Kininvie 23 Year Old 

    Been good this year and think you’re deserving of a little treat? Then look no further that Kininvie 23 Year Old. You may not have heard of Kininvie distillery before and that’s because, as distilleries go, its relatively new. Opened in 1990 by the granddaughter of William Grant, Kininvie distillery has only released two batches to date, but is fast growing in popularity. It is because of this that Kininvie 23 is already becoming a very collectable bottle to have in your collection. Exclusivity aside, Kininvie 23 is a truly magnificent whisky and a must have during the cold winter months. Toffee apple, sweet honey, vanilla, cinnamon and fruit are all flavours that stand out in this fantastic dram.

    Buy Kininvie 23 Year Old £97.00

    Glenfarclas 2000 Vintage

    Finally, we have something unique, specially selected for The Whisky Shop, we are proud to introduce you to the Glenfarclas 2000 Vintage. Fans of Glenfarclas will not be disappointed by the juicy, fruitiness of this whisky, whilst those perhaps unfamiliar will find it a welcoming entry into what the distillery has to offer the world of Scottish single malt whisky. Again, because of the rich fruity, caramel and spicy citrus tones present, this is another sure fire winter hit!

    Buy Glenfarclas 2000 Vintage - £77.00