While the combination of chocolate and whisky is pretty astounding as it is, there are ways to get even more bang for your buck. By pairing chocolate with whisky based on the intricate flavour profiles of both will result in you creating some real matches made in heaven.

Look at the tasting notes of a dram in order to evaluate what kind of chocolate seems like it would complement it well. For example, maritime whiskies tend to go particularly well with chocolate with caramel – a DIY salted caramel combination! Deciding what pairings will work is actually a relatively simple process once you get into the swing of things. To help you on your way, we’ve put together a list of potential whisky and chocolate combinations that are bound to blow your mind!

The Lost Distillery Co. Dalaruan with Chocolate with Caramel

A salted caramel dream! This whisky hails from the now-lost Dalaruan distillery of Campbeltown. The expression is bursting with flavours of peat, sea salt, and orchard fruits. This coastal dram will go perfectly with your favourite caramel chocolate. The combination of the sweet and salty flavours is a tried and tested hit that is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Smokehead Sherry Bomb with Dark Chocolate with Cherries

Smokehead Sherry Bomb is a sumptuous and peaty Islay dram. Seductive and smoky, the palate brings plenty of pleasant Christmas cake flavours alongside welcome coastal notes and subtle spicy hints. Finding a chocolate that isn’t totally overpowered by this impressive dram can be hard, but we think that a good dark chocolate with dried cherries should do the trick!

Alternatively, if you’d rather let the dram do most of the talking, you could try this expression with some white chocolate. This brings a sweetness into the mix which is unexpected yet welcome. Sherry matured whiskies are particularly versatile so you can get quite experimental with your chocolate pairings.

Kentucky Owl Batch 10 with Orange Chocolate

This smooth whiskey inspired by the expressions from the pre-Prohibition era is the perfect companion to orange chocolate. Kentucky Owl Batch 10 is bursting with flavours of bright citrus, soft oak, and juicy mango, making some orange chocolate a top-notch accompaniment.

Laphroaig 16 Year Old with Dark Mint Chocolate

This powerful, medicinal dram packs a mighty punch. Matured for 16 years at Laphroaig, finding a chocolate that can hold its own against this bold expression is quite the task. However, we think that dark mint chocolate is up to the challenge! The menthol flavours in the chocolate wonderfully complement the slightly bitter nature of the whisky, adding new complexity to an already exceptionally intricate dram. In our opinion, this makes for the perfect post-dinner treat!

Glen Scotia 12 Year Old Seasonal Release 2021 with Dark Chilli Chocolate

This is a beautiful expression from Glen Scotia, perfect for the winter months. The expression is particularly sweet and gentle with flavours of vanilla and festive spices at the fore. These softer flavours go wonderfully with the kick that comes with dark chilli chocolate. Spicy and refined, treat yourself to this elegant combination in the colder months – it’ll warm you right up!

Benromach Cask Strength 2009 with Dark Chocolate with Ginger

How do you find a chocolate to match a whisky with a robust ABV? The solution is finding a powerfully flavoured chocolate that will not fade into insignificance when paired with the dram. In our opinion, dark chocolate with ginger tends to do the trick! It pairs particularly well with Benromach Cask Strength 2009, a rich sherried dram with a mighty abv of 57.2%. Both the chocolate and the whisky can be enjoyed in perfect harmony without one overpowering the other.

How to enjoy whisky with chocolate

Once you have your chosen whisky and chocolate combination, it’s time to savour the delicious pairing!

Firstly, take a sip of your whisky and slowly let the flavours reveal themselves in your mouth. Swallow your whisky then take a bite of your chocolate. Let it melt a little on your tongue before following up with another sip of whisky. Repeat the process until you are fully