The Cabrach Trust have established the distillery in the gorgeous landscape of Cabrach, an area which has become notorious as the epicentre of illicit distilling in the 18th century. The isolated area in Scotland's north east, halfway between Aberdeen and Inverness, was one of the last places to resist the exciseman's establishment of legality and revenues in the 1830s. However, as the industry regulated, the area became one of decline.

The distillery will serve as a celebration of the cultural heritage of the area, and will embrace the manufacturing techniques from its heyday in tribute to its history of whisky distilling. Construction is expected to be completed soon, with production due to begin later in the year.

In addition, the distillery will operate as a Community Interest Company. This means that all profits from the whisky will go straight back into the community - with their aims being to increase local population through arifacilities and amenities. Johnathan Christie, Chief Executive of The Cabrach Trust, describes it as "a distillery with a social purpose - not only does it have real heritage behind it, but it will also act as the engine room for community regeneration."

To support the distillery as it finishes construction, and waits for its whisky to come of age, a handful of Speyside distilleries have offered up their single malt for use in a one-off blended whisky. The Feering: Early Harvest, named for the word given to the first furrow ploughed which sets a guide for all the rest, is a limited edition of just 6,000 bottles which represents the beginning of a wonderful journey. It will serve as the first in three limited first editions, whilst we look forward to the first spirit running off the stills in The Cabrach in nearly 200 years.

On the nose, gentle floral and heather aromas intertwine with notes of honey which lead into a palate of butterscotch, sweet vanilla, aromatic heather and a hint of sweet smoke. The finish is clean and fresh, leaving just enough to tempt you back for another taste.

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