Smirnoff Vodka

James Bond's very first 'shaken not stirred' martini was ordered by the spy on board Auric Goldfinger’s private jet in Goldfinger (1964) - made using Smirnoff Red Label. The world's best selling vodka, it is filtered ten times for remarkable smoothness, and is the perfect accomplice to the splash of vermouth and the twist of lemon that makes up Bond's favourite cocktail. Smirnoff partnered with James Bond during the release of No Time To Die (2021), and the vodka features in what may well have been Bond's very last martini.


The appearance of Isle of Skye favourite, Talisker, in two Pierce Brosnan-led Bond films boosted the distillery into the mainstream. Throughout his run as Bond, he enjoys a glass of the smoky, maritime whisky, often alongside M. In The World Is Not Enough, the glass in which 007 drinks his Talisker 10 Year Old from even triggers his realisation that a bomb targeted at Sir Robert King is about to be detonated - powerful stuff!

Bollinger Champagne

As Bond works on behalf of Her Majesty's Secretive Service, its only fitting that his choice of Champagne is fit for royalty. Bollinger is the official supplier of Champagne to the British court, and has been a sponsor for the James Bond franchise since 1973 - its first appearance being in Live and Let Die. Since then, it has been a firm favourite of Bond for fourteen films, and they collaborated on a 007-themed Special Cuvée to celebrate 40 years of partnership with the release of No Time To Die.

Jack Daniel's

The ever-iconic Jack Daniel's is drunk by James Bond alongside M in GoldenEye. 007 suggests a glass of cognac, however Judi Dench asserts that she 'prefers bourbon' and pours them both a Jack Daniel's. Although, some may argue that Jack Daniel's isn't a bourbon at all, but a Tennessee whiskey (as the Kentucky-based distillery calls their liquid). I'm not sure who would dare to question M, though, especially after a few glasses!

Mount Gay Rum

007 is also partial to a rum. The first drink that Daniel Craig's Bond orders in his introductory outing, Casino Royale, is a 'large Mount Gay and soda'. Mount Gay Rum is made from the finest natural Barbadian ingredients, which come together in 300 years of experience of masterful blending. It also pairs spectacularly with soda water; 'sweet enough' as they say.

Jim Beam

In The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton's iteration of Bond gratefully accepts a glass of Jim Beam Bourbon from his CIA counterpart, Felix Leiter. Sean Connery also famously featured on a variety of adverts for Jim Beam, often promoting his latest Bond film in turn. Even after he gave up the role, in the 1970s he is even referred to as 'The Original James Bond' in the ads.

The Macallan

Most notably, Daniel Craig's Bond and Javier Bardem's Silva share a vintage The Macallan during their mid-movie showdown in Skyfall. It is a Macallan 1962 Fine and Rare Vintage, and is mentioned by Silva to be a "50 Year Old". This is a reference to the 50th anniversary of the Bond franchise, as Dr. No was released in 1962 - the same year in which the rare whisky was distilled. 007 actually sips on a few different expressions of Macallan before this scene, explaining why Silva calls this 'a particular favourite of' Bond. His love for the Speyside classic continues into Spectre, where he drinks a Macallan 18 Year Old from his personal collection.