Specifically created to challenge Scotch whisky conventions and showcase the experimentation that takes place at the distillery, the range consists of a rye blended whisky, a smoke and rye blend and a delicately peated single malt. Each expression is limited to 390 bottles.

Founded in 2012 by industry titan, Ian Palmer, InchDairnie distillery aims to push the boundaries of whisky-making through their 3 Ms philosophy: materials, method and maturation. They extract as much flavour as possible from the grain through innovative and sustainable means, in their base of Kinglassie, Fife, where industrial Scotland meets agricultural Scotland. From grain to bottle, they take an innovative approach to flavour and engineer the whiskies with a strong purpose: to excite palates.

Sample Room Range Leven 

Leven is a 'rye rich' single distillery blended whisky, made using 50/50 rye whisky and single malt matured in Amontillado casks. Bottled straight from the cask at 58.2% abv.

Charles MacLean's tasting notes: "Amber in hue with moderate beading. Mellow with light prickle. The top notes are rounded and faintly reminiscent of Ryvita Crispbread, with a trace of vanilla toffee and green sticks. A lightly sweet taste to start, mouth-drying, leads to a lengthy spicy finish." - Whiskeria Spring 2024

Sample Room Range Balgonie

Balgonie is a single distillery rye peated blend, made with 74% rye whisky and 26% peated single malt. Bottled straight from the cask at 58.4% abv.

Charles MacLean's tasting notes: "Deep gold, with moderate beading. A mellow, rounded nose, with no prickle. Butterscotch top-notes are backed by faint oaky notes, with just a wisp of mossy smoke with a drop of water. A fresh, sweet taste, with elegant smoke in the finish."

Sample Room Range Pitkevy

Pitkevy is a delicately peated single malt, which has been matured in a combination of smoked single malt whisky, refill and Palo Cortado casks. Bottled straight from the cask at 58.5% abv, this is the first peated single malt from InchDairnie.

Charles MacLean's tasting notes: "Deep gold with light beading. A mellow nose with no prickle. Light vanilla fudge top notes, backed by freshly baked buttered scone, possibly with a smear of spun honey. The texture is lightly teeth-coating and the taste sweet than savoury, with a suggestion of smoke in the aftertaste."

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