The oldest licensed distillery in the world, Bushmills is located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, not far from another Irish icon - The Giant's Causeway. They are one of the few whiskey producers to continue to triple distil 100% malted barley in copper pot stills, and uniquely distil, blend, mature and bottle on the same site. The motto from its owners is that Bushmills is the ‘oldest because it is the best, not best because it is oldest’.

The Sexton

A thoroughly modern Irish whiskey, The Sexton was crafted by Alex Thomas, one of the few female Master Blenders in Ireland. She decided to break the rules of traditional single malt whiskey, and set out to create an unexpected yet approachable taste profile. By guiding carefully selected Oloroso sherry casks through maturation, the bold taste and smooth finish that are unique to the Sexton were born. In Irish folklore, The Sexton is the guardian of the graveyard, serving as the final person you see before you move on to the afterlife and to whom you tell your life story. The Sexton whiskey invites you to live a life with a story worth telling.


Teeling Whiskey prides itself on using both traditional and innovative techniques to create uniquely-tasting Irish whiskey. Located within the Golden Triangle area in Dublin, the city’s historic distilling district, Teeling distillery was erected in 2015 as the first new distillery in Ireland’s capital in 125 years. Today, the young team of craftspeople at Teeling produce small batch bottlings of their liquid with the goal of retaining the drinkability of Irish whiskey, while introducing fresh and exciting flavours to complement the naturally smooth and sweet character of Irish expressions. They continue to release experimental bottlings unlike any other brand such as Teeling Whiskey India Pale Ale and Teeling Japanese 15 Year Old, which was finished in Mugi Shochu casks, a single distilled barley spirit first made during the Edo period.


Influenced by the world's greatest wine makers and the importance which they place on the grape, Waterford are on a mission to extract the most flavour naturally from the original source – barley. Whether using heritage, organic, biodynamic or traditionally grown grain, the differing barley from individual farms around Ireland imbues complex flavours to each expression, and showcases the uniqueness of each terroir. The mash is then filtered through a state-of-the-art equipment, to extract only the very best from the grain, and matured with only the finest French and American oak casks. They are also the largest producer of organic and biodynamic whiskies.


A favourite of Bruce Springsteen, Redbreast is the largest selling Single Pot Still Irish whiskey in the world. It is created at the Midleton complex of distilleries. With a history dating back to the 17th century, today the site produces the whiskeys: Redbreast, Jameson, Paddy, Power’s, Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Tullamore Dew and Midleton. The reason that it can create so many whiskies is the wide variety of stills available. The distillery has used American oak to make whisky since the 1820s because Ireland at the time had very few oak trees – they had all been chopped down!


The spirit of Belfast, Dunville's was originally established in 1808, and brought back to life in 2012 after 76 years out of business. The Echlinville Distillery in County Down, Northern Ireland have brought this icon of its time back to its former glory.The range utilises vintage blend recipes from the company’s heyday, as well as their iconic PX 10 Year Old single malt. The bottles are fantastically decorated with Victorian-style designs, another detail that harks back to the good old days of Dunville’s.


Jameson, the world's best-selling Irish whiskey brand, is the flagship whiskey of Irish Distillers with over 60 million bottles globally sold each year in 122 countries. Also made at Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland, the exceptionally balanced blends that Jameson creates are a mixture of Irish single pot still and grain whiskeys. Introduced in 1780, it is by far the best selling Irish whiskey and has been so for a long time. However, the distillery did not sell Jameson in bottles until 1968. For nearly two centuries the whiskey had been sold exclusively by the cask to bonders.

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