"My go-to festive treat is bourbon spiked hot chocolate. Use your top drawer hot chocolate (for me, the cinnamon pack from the Pittenweem Chocolate Company) and make it on the stove with your milk of choice and a splash of your chosen tipple. Best paired with watching your favourite Christmas film on the couch." - Fran, Whiskeria Producer

"We start the day with a glass or two of Nyetimber, which jogs my memories of working in the English wine industry. Main course is served with Chateau Musar from Lebanon, a vineyard with a convoluted history, and then dessert (Christmas pudding of course) can only be paired with a PX sherry. The Emilio Hidalgo is particularly good; evoking the smell of a sherry bodega, the same experience you get with whisky warehouse aromas for the first time. The final drink of the day will be a dram, normally a sherry monster like a Glendronach 18, the first serious whisky I purchased when I first started here 12 years ago. After that lot a dooooze in front of a Bond film."- Matt, Brighton Store Manager

"My go-to Christmas tipple — and one of the main Christmas dinner related tasks I am given on the day — is an Irish Coffee. Done well there is no better après meal digestif, but too many people have misjudged this epic beverage because of a proliferation of sub-par iterations one can discover in the wild! The first faux pas people make is to use cheap whisky or cheap coffee. For me, if you wouldn’t consider it good enough to be drank black or neat, respectively, then it doesn’t belong in your Irish coffee. Two more tips: sweeten the cream (vanilla extract or honey works great) and pre-dissolve the brown sugar in hot water to make a thick brown sugar syrup - this will prevent the sugar granules congealing at the end. - Luke, W Club Manager

"There’s a Glenallachie 2008 #508 11yo TWS Exclusive, which I’d done a tasting with a couple of years ago. My partner at the time was teetotal, but heard me talking about the flavour profile, and decided the next day that she wanted to try it. Keeping in mind it’s cask strength and dark as anything, she absolutely loved it, likened it to Booja-Booja ice cream, and hasn’t looked back since! We’ve still got some left and bring it out on special occasions (Christmas!) as it now has a fond memory for us." - Richard, Nottingham Store Manager.

"It's a classic for good reason! I look forward to a Bailey's with ice in that restful period of Christmas Day, after the excitement presents and dinner. Having inherited the taste from my mam, we share a glass or two before the inevitable three o'clock nap - always missing the Queen/King's speech. And my love for Bailey's has been noticed, as I often get the train back home with two or three bottles in my suitcase from various members of my family." - Charlotte, Copywriter & Social Media

"Cask Strength Bourbon- this is more of a tradition for me than anything, but it just hits perfectly with all the woody spices and sweet notes. Perfect. However, a Christmas Eve Negroni cannot be beaten! Harris Gin, Campari and a red vermouth of your choice, stirred down over ice with a huge wedge of orange – Christmas isn’t complete without it." - Phil, Manchester Store Manager

Which drink are you looking forward to this Christmas?