Make a Terrarium

Show the planet how much you care, by recycling a whisky bottle into your very own self-sustaining terrarium. It'll look fabulous on your shelf, and costs very little to create. Read our guide to find out how to make one.

Use as a Vase

Select your best-looking bottles to hold fresh flowers. Simply rinse out and fill with water, and add your bouquet for a cost-effective and sustainable way to display your greenery.

Make a 'Living Bottle'

Make a 'Living Cask' at home, by topping up your bottle with a new whisky when almost finished. The practice is a historic technique of blending whisky, as noted by Professor George Saintsbury in his 1920 book, Notes on a Cellar. He describes a cask of whisky that is constantly topped up with different whiskies and never emptied, creating a blended whisky that is 'living' by never coming to an end. Enjoy your home blend knowing that you and yours are the first to sample that exact whisky!

Make a Lamp

Fill your used bottle with fairy lights to illuminate your home. Simply stuff in the bottle, plug in and turn on. Easy as pi!

Use as a Candle Stick Holder

Wine bottles have historically been recycled for this purpose, however there's nothing stopping you from turning whisky bottles into candle stick holders. Melt the bottle of the candle and secure to the lid of the bottle and watch as the bottle becomes a rainbow of wax drips.

Make an Oliver Oil Decanter

Add a speed pourer to a suitable whisky bottle, to turn it into an olive oil decanter. This is perfect for if you buy your oil in bulk.

Recycle & Replace with a Full Bottle

If you're not so attached to your bottle, recycle the glass so it can be made into a new one full of more whisky. Nc'Nean's bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled glass, and Bruichladdich's Classic Laddies bottle contains 60% recycled glass.

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