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    Arran Single Malt Whisky

    Arran distillery is one of very few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland, and is the only malt whisky distillery on the island of Arran – situated just off the west coast of Scotland. The Island of Arran is home to much of the famous Scottish scenery, including mountains, lowlands, lochs and glens – for this reason it is often described as ‘Scotland in Miniature.’ In the 1800’s there were rumoured to be as many as 50 whisky distilleries on Arran, most of them illegal of course, but the whisky was acclaimed to be some of the best in Scotland. When it was closed in 1837, renovations began to make the distillery appear much more traditional and classic.

    Arran distillery in its current form was opened in 1995 at Lochranza, in the north of the Island. Lochranza is home to the purest water in all of Scotland, which has been cleansed by the solid granite and softened by peat rich mountain slopes as it makes its journey down from the peaks of nearby Loch na Davie. The distillers use traditional methods of distilling with wooden washbacks and copper stills. It is this exceptionally pure water, combined with the quality of the barley used and the skill of their dedicated distillers that makes Arran whisky so special.

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