Poached Pear Fizz


50ml Edinburgh Gin Poached Pear Liqueur

25ml of your favourite gin, we love Glaswegin.

Stir and top up the glass with prosecco.

Garnish with pear and a cinnamon stick.

Hint: Any old prosecco will do, the real star here is that Poached Pear Liqueur.

Cranberry Old-Fashioned


50ml Maker's Mark

1-2 dashes of Angostura bitters

1 tbsp Cranberry Compote

Add caster sugar if needed, to taste.

Stir well and garnish with a fresh orange peel twist.

Hint: To be extra fancy, trace the peel along the rim of the glass for a more fragrant drink.

Gingerbread White Russian


50ml Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

50ml of ginger infused vodka

Top up with cream.

Hint: Crush up some ginger biscuits, dip the rim in some cream and then into the crumbs for a stylish rim.

Posh Hot Toddy


50ml Dunvilles 1808

2 tsp brown sugar

Half a cinnamon stick

15ml lemon juice

Four cloves, studded to orange slice

Top up with boiling water.

Hint: Dunville's is a perfect base for this drink, as it adds a whisp of smoke.

Winter Spice Irish Coffee


50ml Jamesons

1 tsp Brown Sugar (alternatively, a homemade brown sugar syrup works best)

Top up with freshly brewed coffee.

2 tbsp double cream, slightly whipped with 5-10ml of brandy.

Use the back of a spoon to layer the cream on top, and add a pinch of mixed spice to garnish.

Hint: For the ultimate Irish coffee, replace the brown sugar with sweet PX sherry. Extra boozy!

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