In its heyday, the Rusty Nail was one of the most popular cocktails around. However, nowadays you'll be quite hard-pressed to find a bar with this cocktail on the menu. The Rusty Nail was believed to have first been created in the late 1930s, however, the exact date is unknown. What we do know is that by the mid-1960s, the Rusty Nail was hugely popular in New York and was said to be favoured by members of the Rat Pack. So, what is it about the Rusty Nail that had such a hold on whisky fans? We reckon it's due to the dram's customisable nature that allows you to measure it to taste. If you enjoy a sweeter serve, you can add more Drambuie. If you prefer a strong whisky influence, you can add less Drambuie. Below is our quick recipe to make what we think is the perfect Rusty Nail!

Rusty Nail Ingredients

55ml Scotch (you can use peated or unpeated whisky depending on your preference) 20ml Drambuie Ice cubes Lemon peel (to garnish)

Rusty Nail Recipe

  1. Fill a tumbler with ice cubes.
  2. Add the Scotch and Drambuie and stir well.
  3. Add your lemon peel to garnish.
  4. Enjoy!
As you can see, the Rusty Nail is one of the easiest cocktails to make! This is the perfect quick concoction to rustle up when entertaining guests. Simple, effective, and endlessly satisfying!