Hi Mike, what a beautiful bar. Talk to us about the inspiration behind the interior at Superico. Our owner has travelled through various parts of the Americas and wanted Superico to be a reflection of this. The bar's interior serves as a literal expression of a South American landscape, be it sunrise or sunset, through vibrant colours and aztec shapes. Is the menu reflective of South America, too? Yes! Our cocktail menu is pretty tropical, using fruits you'd commonly associate with the continent. A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make sure we're putting out delicious, approachable and fun drinks. What are some of your favourite drinks from the menu? I'd start with a Padron Martini. Served straight from the freezer, it's made with Roku Gin and padron pepper-infused vermouth. I'd then move on to a Ruby Tuesday - a delicious Haku Vodka and guava highball - followed by an Orkney Tropic Sour which is a coconut oil and pineapple sour made with Highland Park whisky. I'd finish with a Four Grain Manhattan - a mix of Makers Mark, sherry, and Bræmble Liqueur. It's served straight from the freezer, giving it a rich and luxurious texture. They all sound absolutely delicious. What about whisky - is there a bottle in the gantry that you're particularly excited about? I love whisky. It's my favourite spirit to drink, and to make drinks with. Anything aged in a sherry cask is good with me, so I'd say GlenDronach 15 Year Old. For something a bit different I'd have to go with Bramble Whisky Company's second release - a 100% grain whisky aged in virgin American oak. We spotted an incredible sound system and DJ booth - can we expect DJ sets in the near future? Our sound system is a belter. We have DJs playing every Friday and Saturday and when restrictions ease, I'd like to add more days like Thursday and Sunday. Talk us through the perfect night out at Superico. I'd take my wife or a few friends and we'd start off at Superico Restaurant, just a few doors down from the Bar & Lounge. Our style of food at the restaurant is great for sharing - perfect for a date night or a catch up with friends. I'd start the night by ordering a refreshing Green Apple Collins or Superico's version of an Aperol Spritz, where the Aperol is infused with buchu leaf to give it a subtle blackcurrant flavour. Food-wise, we'd order the beef crudo and sea bream tiradito. Both are raw dishes inspired by Nikkei cuisine, which is a merge of traditional Peruvian ingredients and Japanese cuisine. We'd then move on to a Mexican-inspired beef cheek dish with mole and some potato bravas. If we still had room, we'd share the banana tart tatin with dulce de leche ice cream. Then we'd be off to the bar to work out way through the drinks list and maybe do a bit of dancing, or just find a comfortable spot to enjoy the atmosphere and good company. When can we visit? Join us anytime from Wednesday to Sunday, 4pm to 1am. Find Superico Bar & Lounge at 99 Hanover Street, Edinburgh. The original feature is from the Autumn 2021 edition of Whiskeria, delivered to the door of W Club subscribers and also free with any Whisky Shop purchase in store or online. Click here to read the full Autumn 2021 issue of Whiskeria online for free.