Keith Richards - Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels has had a long love affair with rock and roll, or more accurately, rock's biggest acts have had a love affair with Jack. Especially mononymous ones: Slash, Lemmy, Sting and Bono have all been pictured with a bottle of the Kentucky Whisky on stage. However, perhaps the most dedicated fan of Jack Daniels is hard-rocker by all accounts, Keith Richards. He has rarely been seen out without a bottle since the 1970s, and even credited the whiskey with saving Rolling Stones’ 1972 album Exile on Main Street -after he and Jagger were losing their voices in the studio.

Lady Gaga - Jameson

Although partnered with Dom Perignon champagne, Lady Gaga has never been quiet about her love for Jameson Irish Whiskey. During a concert in Ireland, dedicated a song to her "longtime boyfriend Jameson,” who was “always there when I need him.” In 2010, she even credited it with being the inspiration behind many of her songs, with it being creativity fuel during her writing process. It's been theorised that her star power boosted the Irish whiskey renaissance, along with Rihanna name-dropping Jameson in her song 'Drink To That' around the same time.

K T Tunstall - Talisker

Singer-songwriter, and former Whiskeria cover star, K.T. Tunstell is partial to a dram of Talisker. She actually name-dropped the Isle of Skye based distillery so much during the early days of her career that they gifted her a guitar made from whisky casks! Fellow Scot, Paolo Nutini, also claims the coastal, smoky Talisker as his favourite - though we're not sure if he received the same thoughtful gift!

Dave Grohl - Canadian Royal

At the 2023 Super Bowl, in the much-anticipated commercial break, Dave Grohl of stadium rock icons, Foo Fighters, was revealed as the new spokesperson for Crown Royal. The Canadian blended whiskey is a favourite of Grohl, with heavy metal band, Pantera, introducing him to the wonders of Crown Royal in the early 90s. In the ad, he expresses his gratitude to the people of Canada for creating such a wonderful whiskey.

Bruce Springsteen - RedBreast

Heartland rock icon, Bruce Springsteen, has long been a collector of whiskies from around the world. However, with his Celtic heritage, Irish whiskey has his heart. He's especially partial to a dram of the award-winning Redbreast, the world's best-selling Single Pot Still Irish whiskey. He even has his very own bottle behind the bar at Long Hall pub with his name on it for when he comes to town - the 21 Year Old of course. Only the best for The Boss!