10. The 10 Most Striking Whisky Bottles (That will Look Fabulous on your Home Bar)

We chose to highlight the best designed whisky bottles in August, for those looking for drams as impressive visually as the liquid inside is tasty. The likes of Blanton's, Isle of Raasay and Waterford made the cut as some of the most striking whisky bottles in the world. Read here.

9. House of Suntory 100th Anniversary Releases

Folk were curious about four limited edition whiskies released by Suntory to celebrate their centenary. With their first distillery, Yamazaki, being founded in 1923, 2023 was a big year for the brand. This article took us through the first set of special releases: a 12 Year Old and 18 Year Old from Yamazaki, and the same pair from their 50-year-old sister distillery Hakushu. Read here.

8. Which Whiskeys are made at Buffalo Trace Distillery?

Buffalo Trace Distillery is a behemoth of the American whiskey industry, as they produce twelve different brands of spirit on site in Kentucky. In this article, we detailed some of them for inquisitive bourbon fans. They include the coveted Eagle Rare, Pappy Van Winkle and Blanton's. Read here.

7. Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Johnnie Walker

In this fun article, we took a look back at the storied history of Johnnie Walker - the world's best selling Scotch whisky. Did you know Johnnie Walker was a real person? Yes, but did you know he was a teetotaller?! Read here.

6. House of Suntory 100th Anniversary: Hibiki

The second set of releases celebrating 100 years of Suntory, this article detailed two limited edition blended whiskies crafted to pay tribute to the past century of excellence. We held ballots for the Hibiki Harmony 100th Anniversary and for Hibiki 21 Year Old Mizunara Suntory 100th Anniversary which received many entrants who were eager to get their hands on these coveted bottles. Read here.

5. James Bond's Favourite Drinks

To celebrate the release of The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary, we looked into 007's favourite tipples. Eagle-eyed Bond fans have worked out that, on average, Bond has an alcoholic beverage every eleven minutes! Those he has a taste for include Bollinger Champagne, Mount Gay Rum, and, of course, The Macallan. Read here.

4. Best Highland Whiskies

We highlighted ten of our favourite whiskies hailing from the Scottish Highlands in this popular article. By far the largest producing region, the Highland region stretches from the North of Glasgow all the way to the northernmost tip of the east coast and beyond. We enjoy The Dalmore, Glendronach and Oban - to name but a few! Read here.

3. Special Releases: The Coronation of King Charles III

There was a mountain of interest in the commemorative bottlings being released for the Coronation of King Charles III during that historic May weekend. A tradition that has gone on for centuries, these whiskies serve as a wonderful keepsake and are seen as a valuable investment. Our expressions sold out very quickly - they included bottles from The English Whisky Distillery, Duncan Taylor and Silent Pool Gin. Read here.

2. Top 10 Scotch Whiskies For a Sweet Tooth

Readers couldn't get enough of the sweeter whiskies that we have on offer at The Whisky Shop. In this one, we picked out ten drams for the Scotch drinker with a penchant for dessert. This included many drams finished in Port pipes, sherry casks and one in a Somerset Pomona Spirit cask - a syrupy apple liqueur. Read here.

1. Introducing Isle of Harris The Hearach

The most read article of 2023 presented the Isle of Harris distillery's first ever whisky, The Hearach. Quite a feat as it was only released at the end of September. As you can imagine, this whisky produced a lot of buzz. If you managed to get your hands on a bottle, this article will tell you all you need to know about your dram. Have a sip and a read here.